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ETF Publications

[PDF] Taxation and tertiary education enhancement in Nigeria: An evaluation of the education tax fund (ETF) between 1999-2010

GO Ugwuanyi - Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 2014 -

… generated from the publications of the operations department of the Education Tax Fund
and some other Federal Government publications. The research found out that ETF has made …

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[HTML] Launch of the first US bitcoin ETF: mechanics, impact, and risks

K Todorov - 2021 -

… ETF buys longer-dated futures contracts, their prices increase. icon The predictable rebalancing
behaviour of the ETF … bitcoin futures in anticipation of the ETF rolling into those contracts. …

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[HTML] The anatomy of bond ETF arbitrage

K Todorov - 2021 -

… In March and April 2020, however, bond ETF prices deviated strongly from their NAVs and
… of ETF arbitrage that distinguishes equity ETFs from bond ETFs: the nature of ETF baskets. …

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A study on performance of Gold ETF Companies in India

M JayanthiS Malathy, T Radhulya - International Research Journal …, 2013 -

… Gold ETF would be a passive investment; so, when gold prices move up, the ETF appreciates
and when gold prices move down, the ETF loses value. Gold ETF tracks the performance …

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Medical Students' Perspectives on IR: A European Survey from the European Trainee Forum (ETF)

CO Brien, O Jonmarker, R Dežman, GC Makris… - CardioVascular and …, 2021 - Springer

… In response to the findings of this report, ETF has proposed and started several initiatives. …
, by ETF on a monthly basis (ETF webinar series), massive and regular ETF presence on …

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Impact of Mutations on the Midpoint Potential of the [4Fe-4S]+1,+2 Cluster and on Catalytic Activity in Electron Transfer Flavoprotein-ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (ETF …

RJ UsselmanAJ Fielding, FE Frerman… - Biochemistry, 2008 - ACS Publications

… sites of ETF to ETF-QO, but the relative proximity of the cluster to the enzyme surface (∼8
Å), as opposed to the flavin (>14 Å), suggests that the cluster might accept electrons from ETF. …

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Path-dependence of leveraged ETF returns

M Avellaneda, S Zhang - SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics, 2010 - SIAM

… short positions if components of the underlying ETF or the ETF itself are hard-to-borrow. …
ETF are related by a power law with power β, and (ii) the realized variance of the underlying ETF …

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Navigating the Perilous Waters of Partisan Scholarship: Participatory Action Research (PAR) with the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF)

H ThomasP Turnbull - Work, Employment and Society, 2021 -

… political emancipation favoured by the ETF (eg lobbying the … evident in our involvement with
the ETF’s Ferries Campaign, … (eg within the ETF and between the ETF and its affiliated trade …

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[HTML] Bank of Japan's ETF purchase program and equity risk premium: a CAPM interpretation

M Katagiri, K Takahashi, J Shino - 2022 -

… We study the effects of the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) exchange-traded fund (ETF) purchase
programme … Using these cross-sectional and time series variations, we study whether the ETF …

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Infusion protocol improves delivery of enteral tube feeding in the critical care unit

DA Spain, SA McClave, LK Sexton… - Journal of Parenteral …, 1999 - Wiley Online Library

… in ETF cessation due to nursing care was noted, it represented only a fraction of the total time
ETF were … sion protocol improved the delivery of ETF in the ICU, primarily because of better …

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Top 10 Rankings Report:

  • Hedge Funds

  • Crypto Funds​

  •  CTAs

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