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Tax & Expense Mitigation Solutions

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Two Services & Solutions

  1. Increased Profits, Reduce Taxes & Expenses. Free up cash flow to grow your business. We have helped the typical business & property owner save on average $240,000 per property. In total, these are $1b+ in savings above and beyond what has been identified by our clients' existing accounting firms. Contact us for a no risk, no cost audit. We work with your accountant. We work with small and large accounting firms including two of the top ten accounting firms in the US.

  2. Defer 100% of Capital Gains on Sale of the Business  (without the limitations of a 1031 Exchange). Are you thinking of retiring or exiting a business and you do not want to avoid taxes by reinvesting in another business? There is a better way out. We work with your accounting firm and legal counsel to structure a better way out. Call for a no cost, no risk audit. Even after documents are drawn up, no fees are charged unless you see outstanding savings and you and your counsel elect to move ahead.

Increased Profits, Reduce Taxes & Expenses.

Our Team

With over 500 team members in 40 states, we can handle any US-based project including large multiple location projects

  • National network and production team of the Country’s foremost CPAs, Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, and Property Tax Attorneys

  • Cost Segregation and Property Tax Review provider for the Econo Lodge Franchisee Association (ELFA),

  • Has completed studies for nearly all of the major hotel brands and auto dealerships across the country.

  • Partnered with  Keller Williams Commercial, the second largest real estate franchise operation within the U.S.

  • Audit Defense Guarantee;  To date, we have had zero disallowances and have produced engineering studies in all 50 states. If at any time our work, methodologies or calculations are challenged or scrutinized by the IRS, GMG will offer the defense support necessary to explain or illustrate our findings.


Defer 100% of Capital Gains on Sale of the Business

Our Team

Estate Planning Team, we provide The Deferred Sales Trust

  • The Deferred Sales Trust can help sellers defer 100% of taxes on a sale providing the benefits of 1031 exchange without its limitations.

  • Campbell Law, accounting and tax attorney firm has transacted over 2,500 transactions valued at $3b+. with zero disallowances from the IRS.

  • Guarantee: In the unlikely event of an audit, Campbell will represent the client at no additional cost.

  • We work closely with your accountant and attorney. Documents are drafted but no fee is charged unless approved by you and your counsel.


For More Information, Contact:


433  Real Plaza , Suite 275, Boca Raton, Fl 33472


Tel.           641-331-5415

Fax           208-248-4957

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