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Tax & Expense Mitigation Solutions

While benefits will vary based on various factors such as size, renovation, and length of ownership, typical savings have averaged $240k+ on eligible properties and or businesses.


We offer two services.

First Service: A no-cost audit to see if we can save /mitigate taxes and expenses on your properties and business.

To accomplish this we, our affiliated firm Stryde provides a unique software/app that can give you an idea in the first 10-30 minutes what potential savings you can enjoy.

If the savings are compelling, there is a follow-up audit with no upfront fee. See Property Tax Savings Planner


Three important points:

  1. Stryde’s service is white labeled by 2 of the top ten accounting firms in the US.  Despite what an existing accountant might otherwise represent, this software and the service supports exceeds what 99% of accountants provide. Having said that we always work with your accountant, who typically become our best source of referrals.

  2. Stryde has been able to save $80,000 to $271,000 per property depending on the industry from rental properties, hotels, and manufacturers, etc. They have serviced every brand of hotel, for example, saving on average, $240,000 per property.

  3. There are never any upfront fees and costs on services. Any fees are limited to a percentage of savings above and beyond provided by your accountant. On ~ $1b in tax savings and $4b in total benefits, there have been zero disallowances.


Our Team

With over 500 team members in 40 states, we can handle any US-based project including large multiple location projects

  • National network and production team of the Country’s foremost CPAs, Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, and Property Tax Attorneys

  • Cost Segregation and Property Tax Review provider for the Econo Lodge Franchisee Association (ELFA),

  • Has completed studies for nearly all of the major hotel brands and auto dealerships across the country.

  • Partnered with  Keller Williams Commercial, the second largest real estate franchise operation within the U.S.


Second Service: Partnering through the Campbell Law Firm / Estate Planning Team, we provide The Deferred Sales Trust

  • The Deferred Sales Trust can help sellers defer 100% of taxes on a sale providing the benefits of 1031 exchange without its limitations.

  • The tax attorney (and CPA), Todd Campbell / Campbell Law has transacted over 2,500 transactions valued at $2b+. with zero disallowances from the IRS.

  • We work closely with your accountant and attorney. Documents are drafted but no fee is charged unless approved by you and your counsel.



Property Tax Savings Planner

The GMG Audit Defense Guarantee for Service #1: If at any time our work, methodologies or calculations are challenged or scrutinized by the IRS, GMG will offer the defense support necessary to explain or illustrate our findings. To date, we have had zero disallowances and have produced engineering studies in all 50 states.


For Service #2: In the event of a dispute, Campbell Law will represent the client with respect to responding to the IRS. In over 2,500 transactions valued at $2b+. with zero disallowances from the IRS.



Estate Planning Team -

Learn about Deferring Capital Gains on Sale of a Business or Real  Estate

Stryde Solutions

Increasing Profitability by Reducing Taxes & Business Expenditures


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