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N AL-SHARIF - The Driving Trends of International Business in …, 2019 -

4 days ago -  … steps including: monitoring (through the Vienot recommendation), legal aspects
(through the French adaptation of the US Chapter 11 on bankruptcy), remuneration tendencies
(stock options), stock market influence (restructuration due to performance decline, hedge …



[HTML] Predicting the daily return direction of the stock market using hybrid machine learning algorithms

X Zhong, D Enke - Financial Innovation, 2019 - Springer

5 days ago - Big data analytic techniques associated with machine learning
algorithms are playing an increasingly important role in various application
fields, including stock market investment. However, few...




T Nahmer -

5 days ago -  … rates. Alongside hedge funds, private equity and com- modities … 2017).
Alongside hedge funds, private equity and commodities, so-called exotics or collectables
are also increasingly being viewed as invest- ment opportunities.2 An …


Special interest legislation and legislative capture

K Meßerschmidt - Conceptions and Misconceptions of Legislation, 2019 - Springer

5 days ago - To date special interest legislation (SIL) is terra incognita to
European legisprudence. While Public Choice Theory and North American
studies of Law and Economics are largely recognized, their...

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Unconventional Monetary Policy in the USA and in Europe

G Mattia, L Francesco, M Andrea - European Union, 2019 - Springer

5 days ago -  … Nowadays, although banks remain at the core of the financial system, insurance
companies, shadow banks and institutional investors (eg, pension, investment and hedge funds)
play an increasingly important role, building up a framework where systemic risk may arise …

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[PDF] Staff Working Paper No. 803 Simulating stress in the UK corporate bond market: investor behaviour and asset fire-sales

Y Baranova, G Douglas, L Silvestri - 2019 -

5 days ago -  … Czech and Roberts-Sklar (2017) find that insurance companies, hedge funds and
asset managers are … network of dealers and hedge funds in response to a range of shocks, which
include falls in asset prices and a redemption shock to hedge funds …


A Simple Pricing Model for Plain-Vanilla Dividend Futures Options

G Vong - Available at SSRN 3397898, 2019 -

6 days ago -  … They expected dividend payout to increase. Others hedged this risk on
the OTC markets by offering dividend swaps to hedge-funds, where the floating leg indeed
pays the sum of the re- alised dividend over a calendar year …


An Overview of Market Manipulation

TJ Putniņš - Forthcoming in: Handbook of Corruption and Fraud in …, 2018 -

6 days ago - Page 1. Forthcoming chapter in C. Alexander and D. Cumming (eds.), 2020,
Corruption and Fraud in Financial Markets: Malpractice, Misconduct and Manipulation (John
Wiley & Sons: West Sussex, UK). An overview of market manipulation # Tālis J. Putniņš …


The Underlying Underwriter: An Analysis of the Spotify Direct Listing

B Nickerson - 2019 -

6 days ago -  … Often a company seeking to undergo an IPO has not made details about its
business strategy, growth prospects, and finan- cial metrics available to institutional investors,
such as large pen- sion funds, mutual funds, or hedge funds …


Information Glitters: Follow Northbound Investors on China's Interconnected Market

K Chen, Y Wang, X Zhu - Xiaoquan, Information Glitters: Follow …, 2019 -

6 days ago - Page 1. 1 Information Glitters: Follow Northbound Investors on China's
Interconnected Market* Keqi Chen Yuehan Wang Xiaoquan Zhu This draft: May 31, 2019 *
The authors are with PBC School of Finance, T
singhua University …

'Towards a society of equals': democracy, education, cooperation and the practice of radical inclusion

J Schostak - International Journal of Inclusive Education, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

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Robust Desmoothed Real Estate Returns

JC Delfim, M Hoesli - Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper, 2019 -

6 days ago -  … following alternative methods: (1) the Getmansky, Lo and Makarov (2004) model
that was originally developed for the hedge funds industry and is often applied to private equity
return series as well as its robust version; (2) a multivariate desmoothing model inspired …

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Lead-Lag Relationship between Bitcoin and Ethereum: Evidence from Hourly and Daily Data

IM SifatA Mohamad, MSBM Shariff - Research in International Business …, 2019 - Elsevier

6 days ago -  … 2, Brière et al. (2015), Variables (in USD): Bitcoin, EUR, JPY, stocks, bonds, gold,
oil, hedge funds Period: 23 July 2010 to 27 December 2013, weekly data, Mean-variance
spanning test: to test whether adding Bitcoin into portfolio improves investment opportunities …


Financial crises and dynamic spillovers among Chinese stock and commodity futures markets

SH KangSM Yoon - Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2019 - Elsevier

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Lessons learned from mapping successful and unsuccessful Agile transformation journeys

S Denning - Strategy & Leadership, 2019 -

6 days ago -  … In fact, the new way of managing can help public corporations overcome adverse
pressures from the stock market and hedge funds to prioritize short-term goals ahead of
long-term shareholder value. figure parent remove Exhibit 1 Microsoft's Agile journey. figure parent …


The IB/IHRM interface: Exploring the potential of intersectional theorizing

UR AnderssonCJ BrewsterDB Minbaeva… - Journal of World …, 2019 - Elsevier

6 days ago -  … although it broadly considers multinationality with respect to the firm, it largely
ignores the consequences of multinationality among investors and how specific types of activist
investors—most notably private equity, sovereign wealth funds, and hedge funds—have …



Double-sided balanced conditional Sharpe Ratio

S Tajdini, M Mehrara, R Tehrani - Cogent Economics & Finance, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

6 days ago -  … (7) S R i = R i − R f σ ¯ i (7). where R i is return of stock and R f is risk-Free rate and
σ i is standard deviation of the portfolio's excess return. Bailey and López de Prado (2012) showed
that Sharpe ratios tend to be overstated in the case of hedge funds with short track …

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Κρίνοντας την αξιοπιστία των stress tests των ευρωπαϊκών τραπεζών. Διερεύνηση με χρήση των τιμών των τραπεζικών μετοχών.

Θ Λαντούρη - 2019 -




[PDF] IMF Advice on Unconventional Monetary Policies to Smaller Advanced Economies

L Everaert, P Honohan - 2019 -

6 days ago - Page 1. Address. 700 19th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20431, USA Telephone.
+1 202 623 7312 Fax. +1 202 623 9990 Email. Website. BP/19-01/02
IMF Advice on Unconventional Monetary Policies to Smaller Advanced Economies …


[BOOK] Hyper-active Governance: How Governments Manage the Politics of Expertise

M Wood - 2019 -

6 days ago - Page 1. ºver stupies in co-parative Pue-cºol-c- Hyper-active Governance How
Governments Manage the Politics of Expertise MAT THEW WOOD Page 2. | Hyper-active
Governance Hyper-active Governance is a new way of thinking …

Managing International Development:(Re) positioning Critiques

F FrenzelP Case, A Kumar, MW Sedgewick - 2018 -

6 days ago -  … (Bishop and Green, 2008). There has also been a proliferation of innovative
experiments in development financing, such as Social Impact Bonds (Joy and Shields, 2013)
and an increased role of banks operating as hedge funds for ID …


[BOOK] Systemic Risk: History, Measurement And Regulation

K Yvonne, L Dietmar, P Jorge - 2019 -

6 days ago - Page 1. YVOTThe Kſeis Dietſ ſlaſ Leiseſ. Jorge Poſnce \p World Scientific Page 2.
Systeſmic Risk History, Measurement and Regulation Page 3. This page intentionally left blank
This page intentionally left blank This page intentionally left blank This page intentionally …



[HTML] International Financial Management 6th edition (Mcgraw-Hill Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate)

C Eun, B Resnick -

6 days ago -  … Assets: Numerical Simulations, 460 Summary, 475 Reduction in Precautionary
Cash Balances, 486 Effects of Changes in the Exchange Rate, 378 Summary, 456 APPENDIX
Generality of the APV Model, 467 International Diversification with Hedge Funds, 388 International …


[BOOK] The Foreclosure Echo: How the Hardest Hit Have Been Left Out of the Economic Recovery

LE Fisher, J Fox - 2019 -

LEFT OUT OF THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY Page 2. the foreclosure echo This book tells the
story of the foreclosure crisis from a new perspective – that of ordinary people who experienced …


[BOOK] The Market Logics of Contemporary Fiction

P Crosthwaite - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … Time and again in such narratives, this self-consciousness about the text's market
positioning is articulated via a profoundly ambivalent reckoning with the power of stock markets,
currency exchanges, hedge funds, and trading algorithms – the most spectacular manifestations …


[BOOK] Introduction To Derivative Securities, Financial Markets, And Risk Management, An

C Arkadev - 2019 -

7 days ago - Page 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO Derivative Securities, Financial Markets, and Risk
Management ROBERT JARROW ARKADEV CHATTERJEA World Scientific Page 2. AN
|NTRODUCTION TO Derivative Securities, Financial Markets, and Risk Management Second …




A Škrlec, T Škrinjarić - Ekonomska misao i praksa, 2019 -

7 days ago - Page 1. 127 Ana Škrlec, mag. oec. Konzultantica PricewaterhouseCoopers
Savjetovanje doo E-mail: Dr. sc. Tihana Škrinjarić Poslijedoktorandica
Sveučilište u Zagrebu Ekonomski fakultet E-mail: …

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[PDF] The Second Circuit's Curious Journey Through the Law of Tippee Liability for Insider Trading: Newman to Martoma

AC Spacone - Roger Williams University Law Review, 2019 -

7 days ago - Page 1. Roger Williams University Law Review Volume 24 | Issue 1 Article 2 Winter
2019 The Second Circuit's Curious Journey Through the Law of Tippee Liability for Insider Trading:
Newman to Martoma Andrew C. Spacone Roger Williams University School of Law …



Social license and publicness

HA Sale - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … L. REV. 879 (2011); Jill E. Fisch, The Mess at Morgan: Risk, Incentives and
Shareholder Empowerment, 83 U. CIN. L. REV. 651 (2015); Cary M. Shelby, Are Hedge Funds
Still Private? Exploring Publicness in the Face of Incoherency, 69 SMU L. REV. 405 (2016) …

  Cited by 1 


Assessing and Addressing Threats to the US from Sovereign Wealth Funds: Case Studies on the Russian, Chinese, and Saudi Arabian Funds

N Coffin - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … 23 compared to pension funds and endowments which are worth around US $41.3
trillion.68 But SWFs are large players in the economy when compared to hedge funds. SWFs
hold more assets than hedge funds, which managed US $2.9 trillion in 2018.69 In the 2008 …

Are CDS Auctions the Tail Wagging the Dog? An Empirical Study of Corporate Bond Return Volatility at the Time of Default

J Mace - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … insurance and default risk mitigation for banks, CDS have increasingly become
used in speculation and arbitrage by banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions.
According … unknown what hedge funds' net CDS or bond positions are at the time of default, and …



PIPE Discounts, Premia, and Performance

JS Barbarosh - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … Brophy, Ouimet & Sialm (2004) finds that firms that receive private placements from
hedge funds typically perform worse that firms that find other types of investors … tolerance–such
as hedge funds–stipulate sweeteners like convertible debt and repricing Page 20. 14 …



Financing Method and Abnormal Returns in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

P Thomas - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … market's evaluation of mergers and acquisitions because the crisis initially developed
in housing market and later resonated through various financial institutions, hedge funds … Page
29. 28 market. Several hedge funds collapsed in early 2007, but the crisis worsened …


Deal Insurance: Representation & Warranty Insurance in M&A Contracting

SJ Griffith - Minnesota Law Review, Forthcoming, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … capital from investors. Private equity investors are typically other investment
funds, such as pension and hedge funds, corporations, or wealthy individuals.45 Funds
are organized as limited partnerships, with the investors serving …


Weathering the Storm in Commodity Risk Premia Strategies

H Till - Available at SSRN 3394922, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … Conclusion Meyer (2018) noted that inflows into commodity risk premia strategies
have been even greater than those into commodity hedge funds. It remains to be seen how various
newly discovered Electronic copy available at: Page …


Drivers of Investor Motivations for Impact Investments: The Case of Microfinance

J Meyer, A Krauss, K Bachmann - Available at SSRN 3395275, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … slightly more sophisticated investment products (namely, listed funds, bonds and
stocks, and real estate) and significantly less complex investments (namely, direct participations,
commodities, hedge funds, and structured products). On the other …


Identifying Bull and Bear Market Regimes With a Robust Rule-Based Method

P Zegadlo - Identifying Bull and Bear Market Regimes With a …, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … FOLLOWERS. 1,876. PAPERS. 16,636. This Journal is curated by: G. William
Schwert at University of Rochester - Simon Business School. Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, &
Investment Industry eJournal. Follow. Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, & Investment Industry eJournal …


Blockchain and Public Companies: A Revolution in Share Ownership Transparency, Proxy-Voting and Corporate Governance?

F Panisi, RP BuckleyDW Arner - Proxy-Voting and Corporate …, 2019 -

Federico Panisi, * Ross P. Buckley ** & Douglas Arner *** ABSTRACT …


Quantile Forecast via Serial Dependence Learning

Q WuX Yan - Available at SSRN 3396084, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … than just computer science and engineering. In the financial industry, big investment
banks and hedge funds start to invite AI experts from the computer science field to their newly
formed AI research groups, to help apply machine learning in all business units …


Do Investors Care about Carbon Risk?

P BoltonMT Kacperczyk - Available at SSRN 3398441, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … When we disaggregate by investor categories (mutual funds, insurance companies,
banks, pension funds, and hedge funds) we find that insurance … investment advisers; IO_PENSIONS
is the ownership by pension funds; IO_HFS is the ownership by hedge funds …

Trends and Applications of Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance

S Emerson, R Kennedy, L O'Shea… - … on Economics and …, 2019 -

7 days ago - Page 1. Abstract — Recent advances in machine learning are finding commercial
applications across many industries, not least the finance industry. This paper focuses on
applications in one of the core functions of finance, the investment process …


Estimating the long-term effects of activism using a natural experiment in UK small-cap stocks

E Pezier - Available at SSRN 3400918, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … 4 Kahan and Rock (2007) find hedge funds make good activists due to low conflicts
and high incentives … 27 Brav, Jiang and Kim (2015b) report mean (median) duration of 581 (348)
days for US activist hedge funds in the period 1994 to 2011 using data from 13D/A filings …

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Mutual fund trading around mergers and fund performance

M Kaprielyan, MM Hossain… - International Journal of …, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … Trading on M&As has long been recognized as a strategy, evidenced by
existence of merger arbitrage funds and hedge funds seeking confidentiality in their 13F
filings when trading the targets in M&As (Agarwal et al., 2013) …


Basel III: where should we go from here?

QTT Nguyen - Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 2019 -

7 days ago -  … management (Admati, 2016). Admati (2016) also argues that a leverage
ratio of 20-30 per cent is minimal for a healthy firm and common among hedge funds,
as well as during the pre-safety net period. In addition, banks, which …



[PDF] Global financial crisis, working capital management and firm value

EK Oseifuah - 2018 -

7 days ago -  … According to Foster and Magdoff (2009) the financial crisis started in mid-2007
when two hedge funds, belonging to the American firm Bear Stearns collapsed, and peaked with
the collapse of US investment bank, Lehman Brothers, in September 2008 …



Investment risk for long-term investors: risk measurement approaches: Considerations for pension funds and insurers

B Hue, A Jinks, J Spain, M Bora, S Siew - British Actuarial Journal, 2019 -

7 days ago - Page 1. DISCUSSION PAPER Investment risk for long-term investors: risk
measurement approaches Considerations for pension funds and insurers B. Hue1,*, A.
Jinks2, J. Spain3, M. Bora3 and S. Siew4 1Risk Measures Working …



Determinants of Equity Mutual Funds Performance in Ghana

E Osafo-Bonah - 2019 -



Values and Power Relations–The'Disillusionment'of International Law?

A Pellet - 2019 -

7 days ago -  … of scientists, the irrefutable evidence of the degradation of the environment and
its dramatic effects on climate, biological diversity as well as, ultimately, the very survival of
humanity, nothing stands in the way of the financial appetites of large corporations and hedge …



NR Palenker - 2019 -

7 days ago - eLibrary Logo. Login; de; en. in eLibrary: in eLibrary; nur zugängliche Werke;
im Werk; nur in freien Inhalten; nur in Open Access Inhalten. Erweiterte Suche. Zeitschrift.
Sammelband. Monografie. Handbuch. Lehrbuch. bis. Bildung und …

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Selecting stock pairs for pairs trading while incorporating lead-lag relationship

K Gupta, N Chatterjee - arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.05057, 2019 -

INCORPORATING LEAD-LAG RELATIONSHIP Authors: Kartikay Gupta (corresponding author),
Niladri Chatterjee Emails:, …

Shared Analyst Coverage: Unifying Momentum Spillover Effects (Internet Appendix)

U Ali, DA Hirshleifer - Available at SSRN 3395415, 2019 -

8 days ago -  … FOLLOWERS. 1,876. PAPERS. 16,623. This Journal is curated by: G. William
Schwert at University of Rochester - Simon Business School. Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, &
Investment Industry eJournal. Follow. Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, & Investment Industry eJournal …



[PDF] A vecm analysis for stock and estate market indexes in Turkey: Global crisis changed it?

Ö Bayraktar - 2019 -

8 days ago -  … There are many articles on the global crisis, and the first time that global crisis has
spoken out is 9 August 2007, with BNP Paribas ending the cancellation of three hedge funds
on the grounds of an complete destruction of the liquidity (Naifar, 2011). However, the start …


Financialization and the impasse of capitalism

F Chesnais - The Japanese Political Economy, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

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Managing security holdings risk during portfolio trading

J Krowas, I Domowitz - US Patent App. 16/267,993, 2019 - Google Patents

8 days ago -  … response to market movements. Generally, portfolio managers for large
institutional investors, such as mutual funds, hedge funds, etc., are responsible for trading
large blocks of financial securities. These portfolio managers …



Systems and methods for computing an index for a binary options transaction

R Jaycobs, N Glantz, J Les Walker - US Patent App. 16/274,330, 2019 - Google Patents

8 days ago -  … System 100 may receive market data from any number of providers. These provides
may be banks, broker dealers, hedge funds and/or other vendors. The market data may be
updated at any number of time intervals. In one embodiment, as illustrated in FIG …



[PDF] Bilan éthique de la soutenabilité environnementale (bilan carbone ou bilan de gaz à effet de serre) et sociale (sécurité alimentaire) des biocarburants de …

C DEMERS - 2019 -

Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines Université de Sherbrooke Bilan éthique de la
soutenabilité environnementale (bilan carbone ou bilan de gaz …



[PDF] Le modèle du travailleur chinois devient-il un produit d'exportation? Les normes chinoises du travail favoriseront-elles l'émergence de l'Asie du Sud-Est …

M PÉRISSE, C SÉHIER, EL DE MICHEAUX - L'émergence en question -

8 days ago - Page 79. Les Cahiers de l'Association Tiers-Monde n 34-2019 Le modèle du
travailleur chinois devient-il un produit d'exportation? Les normes chinoises du travail
favoriseront-elles l'émergence de l'Asie du Sud-Est (Malaisie, Cambodge, Vietnam) …


Non-banking Financial Intermediaries: International Experiences

R Kannan, KR Shanmugam, S Bhaduri - Non-Banking Financial …, 2019 - Springer

8 days ago -  … Basically, the NBFIs or non-banks include: money market funds, financial companies,
structured financial vehicles, hedge funds, equity funds, fixed income funds, broker-dealers, real
estate investment funds/trusts and trust companies (Shanmugam 2015) …


Status and Role of NBFCs

R Kannan, KR Shanmugam, S Bhaduri - Non-Banking Financial …, 2019 - Springer

8 days ago -  … The sub-sectors of the shadow banking sector include money market funds, financial
companies, structured financial vehicles, hedge funds, equity funds, fixed income funds,
broker–dealers, real estate investment funds/trusts and trust companies (FSB 2014). 8 …


[BOOK] Capital Choices: Sectoral Politics and the Variation of Sovereign Wealth

J Braunstein - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … The dramatic rise of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) in number and size—the funds
are now larger than the combined size of global private equity and hedge funds—and that the
majority of them are located in non-OECD countries have raised concerns about the future …

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A VaR-based Downside Risk Analysis of Indian Equity Mutual Funds in the Pre-and Post-global Financial Crisis Periods

SG Deb - Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 2019 -

9 days ago - This article analyses downside risk of Indian equity mutual funds
from 1999 to 2014 using a value at risk (VaR)-based approach. We use weekly
return data of a sample of 349 equity mutual funds duri...



Liquidity crisis: an empirical evidence from the financial sector in Bangladesh

SF Chowdhury - 2018 -

9 days ago -  … the banks and hedge funds huge demands sold so much of mortgage backed
securities which caused bubble formation, this resulted in mortgage lenders to lower their rates
and standards for new borrowers at the same time, Soon, the demand was way higher than …


Hedge Fund Herding in the Currency Market

A Hasselgren - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … Abstract [en]. In this paper, I study the patterns of hedge fund herding in currency
future contracts and find evidence that hedge funds herd … Keywords [en]. herding, hedge funds,
carry trade, foreign exchange National Category. Business Administration Research subject …



[PDF] Downside risk in a tracking error minimization problem

A Gobbo - 2019 -

9 days ago - Page 1. Master's Degree Programme in Economics and Finance Final Thesis
Downside Risk in a Tracking Error Minimization Problem Supervisor Ch. Prof. Marco Corazza
Assistant Supervisor Ch. Prof. Diana Barro Graduand Alberto Gobbo Matriculation Number 839264 …


A study of lead-lag structure between international crude oil price and several financial markets

CZ Yao, PC Kuang - Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2019 - Elsevier

9 days ago -  … As a result, billions of investment dollars flowed into commodity markets from
financial institutions, foundations, hedge funds, and wealthy individuals. The phenomenon of
sharp increase in commodity investment is referred to as the financialization of commodities …



The Economic Paradox of Austerity after the 2008 Crisis

A Rubini - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … happened in the midst of the crisis was that hedge funds and investment
banks imploded … 4 Hedge funds are alternative investments that use pooled funds utilized
in several different strategies to earn active return for the investors …



SRISK come strumento di misura del rischio sistemico del settore bancario europeo

G Sessolo - 2019 -

9 days ago - Page 1. Corso di Laurea in Sviluppo economico e dell'impresa Laurea Magistrale
(ordinamento ex DM 270/2004) Tesi di Laurea SRISK come strumento di misura del rischio
sistemico del settore bancario europeo Relatore Ch. Prof. Claudio Pizzi Laureando …



Q-Learning. An intelligent technique for financial trading systems implementation

V Popa - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … variation is due to an unexpected new information: 3Market agents may be pension
funds, hedge funds, financial institutions and retail investors. 4 Page 8 … another specie might be
formed by retail investors; hedge funds are another specie; market makers a fourth one …




M Pessotto - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … Bear Stearns Private Equity Fund Hedge Funds Goldman fixed floating … ad alcuni
eventi significativi. Il primo avvenimento fu la dichiarazione di fallimento di due hedge funds di
Bear Stearns nel luglio 2007, che avevano investito in maniera importante nei mutui subprime …


Non-Banking Financial Companies Role in India's Development

R Kannan, KR Shanmugam, S Bhaduri - India Studies in Business and …, 2019 - Springer

9 days ago - Page 1. India Studies in Business and Economics Non-Banking Financial
Companies Role in India's Development R. Kannan KR Shanmugam Saumitra Bhaduri A
Way Forward Page 2. India Studies in Business and Economics Page 3 …

The Future of Local Governance for Appropriately Adapting the Ride-Sharing Platform: Case Study of Seoul, New York, and Maryland

J Kim, J Hwang - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … Page 7. 7 2018). Hedge funds, venture capital and investment banks have invested
heavily in sharing- economy companies, whose nature has led them to seek regulatory and legal
void (Isaac and Davis 2014, Matzler, Veider et al. 2015, Mims 2015, Gregory and Halff …


Liquidity Backup from Commercial Banks to Shadow Banks

Z Zhou - Available at SSRN 3374593, 2019 -

9 days ago -  … Investors in mutual funds or hedge funds could be generally considered lenders
if the mutual fund or hedge fund invests in the fixed-income products above … potential liquidity
risks may transfer directly into mutual funds and hedge funds. I will discuss this …



Non-Financial disclosure evolution through the Directive 2014/95/UE

D Testolin - 2019 -

9 days ago - Page 1. Master's Degree programme in Accounting and Finance Curriculum
The evolution of CSR reporting after the European Directive 2014/95/EU Supervisor Ch. Prof …



İslami Borsalarda Fiyat Hareketleri


9 days ago -  … A Quantile Regression Approach, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 53:7,
1535-1546, SANCETTA, A., ve SATCHELL, SE (2005). New test statistics for market timing with
applications to emerging markets hedge funds. The European Journal of Finance, 11(5), 419 …


Determinants of Household Broker Choices and Their Impacts on Performance

K Fong, JD Krug, H Leung, JP Westerholm - Journal of Banking & Finance, 2019 - Elsevier

9 days ago -  … It also includes proprietary trading desks and market makers. The Other category
consists of market makers, hedge funds and algorithmic trading firms … The remaining Other
category consists of market makers, hedge funds and algorithmic trading firms …



Alternative modes of financing: hedge fund activism and crowdfunding

Ε Καρπούζης, E Karpouzis - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … Το πρώτο δοκίμιο επικεντρώνεται σε στρατηγικές επαγγελματιών και
εξειδικευμένων επενδυτών, όπως οι εταιρίες αντιστάθμισης κινδύνου (hedge funds). Έχει
παρατηρηθεί ότι μικροεπενδυτές προσπαθούν να μιμηθούν τις στρατηγικές …


Determinants of hedge fund activism: development of a model of ex-ante decision-making for corporate stake

QT Huynh - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … Les déterminants de l'activisme des hedge funds: élaboration d'un modèle de
décision ex-ante de prise de participation … In this paper, we propose a model of ex-ante
decision-making representing the different variables characterizing the choice of the target for …

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ETFs: Investigation on the Possible Threats to Financial Stability

E Coletti - 2019 -

9 days ago -  … In 2016, ETFs industry has then reached an important milestone: it has overtaken
hedge funds global AUM and BlackRock is expecting them to become a $12 trillion … They offer
good alternatives instead of investing in hedge funds and are divided mainly in two categories …



Manipulation and manipulation-free Performance Measures for Hedge funds

L Lincetti - 2019 -

9 days ago - Performance Measures manipulation assumes a key role in the alternative 
investment context. Performance Measurement Manipulation consists in the managers 
ability to alter the performance measurement by using several techniques that do not add …



[PDF] Financial Markets with Multidimensional Uncertainty

N Aliyev - 2019 -

9 days ago - Page 1. Financial Markets with Multidimensional Uncertainty Nihad Aliyev A
dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of
Philosophy in Finance Discipline Group UTS Business School University of Technology Sydney …

Introduction: Rhenish capitalism and business history

C Marx, M Reitmayer - 2019 - Taylor & Francis

9 days ago - Skip to Main Content …

  All 2 versions

[BOOK] Wealth Inequality, Asset Redistribution and Risk-Sharing Islamic Finance

T Akin, A Mirakhor - 2019 -

9 days ago - Page 1. Tarik Akin, Abbas Mirakhor Wealth Inequality, Asset Redistribution and
Risk-Sharing Islamic Finance Page 2. De Gruyter Studies in Islamic Economics, Finance and
Business Edited by Abbas Mirakhor and Idris Samawi Hamid Volume 1 Page 3 …



[PDF] Lands of Opportunity: An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Impact of Opportunity Zones in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

J Bennett - Journal of Legislation, 2019 -

10 days ago -  … rural areas, small towns, and anything that fits that definition in between.83 Next,
Opportunity Zones encourage investors with larger amounts of capital than most programs, such
as “private equity firms, banks, venture capitalists, mutual funds, and hedge funds,” to invest …



CA GARCIA, J STROUD - American University Law Review, 2019 -

CARLOS A. GARCIA* AND JONATHAN STROUD** In 2011, the Leahy-Smith …



To Clear or Not to Clear

D Feder - Columbia Business Law Review, 2019 -

10 days ago -  … 32 See Andreas A. Jobst, A Primer on Structured Finance, 13 J. DERIVATIVES
& HEDGE FUNDS 199, 202–03 (2007). 33 See id. This arrangement allows investors to gain
exposure to types of risk to which they may not otherwise have access …


Active Short Selling by Hedge Funds

I Appel, J Bulka, V Fos - 2019 -

10 days ago - Short selling campaigns by hedge funds have become increasingly common 
in the last decade. Using a hand-collected sample of 252 campaigns, we document 
abnormal returns for targets of approximately-7% around the announcement date. Firm …

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ICO's, DAO's, and the SEC

O Oren - Columbia Business Law Review, 2019 -

10 days ago - Page 1. 2018.2_OREN_FINAL ICO'S, DAO'S, AND THE SEC: A
PARTNERSHIP SOLUTION Ori Oren* In the summer of 2017, a new method of funding
startup businesses exploded from a small capital market to one worth billions …



Catching Disruption

JS Fan - Columbia Business Law Review, 2019 -

CORPORATE VENTURE CAPITAL Jennifer S. Fan* Sesame Street, Walgreens, 7-Eleven,
General Motors, Campbell Soup—these are not the names of …



Robo-Advisers and the Suitability Requirement

C Carney - Columbia Business Law Review, 2019 -

10 days ago - Page 1. 2018.2_OREN_FINAL ICO'S, DAO'S, AND THE SEC: A
PARTNERSHIP SOLUTION Ori Oren* In the summer of 2017, a new method of funding
startup businesses exploded from a small capital market to one worth billions …


… of hedge fund activism: development of a model of ex-ante decision-making for corporate stake [Les déterminants de l'activisme des hedge funds: élaboration d'un …

QT Huynh - 2019 -

10 days ago - Hedge fund activists are the new promoters of corporate governance through 
their sustained involvement in the capital of the targeted firms. They use their voting rights 
and have no fear to sit on the boards of directors to achieve their goals. The high 

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[PDF] Economics Theses in Harvard Archives

P Agarwal, A Anurudran, R Bansal, B Bolon, L Borges… -

10 days ago - Page 1. Economics Theses in Harvard Archives Department of Economics
*Hoopes Winners Rev. June 2018 2019 THESES IN HARVARD ARCHIVES Pulkit Agarwal
"An Injury to one…": Evaluating the Effects of India's State …


Structural Breaks in Volatility Transmission from Developed Markets to Major Asian Emerging Markets

D Kumar - Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 2019 -

10 days ago - The study investigates the volatility transmission from developed markets (the United
States [US], the United Kingdom [UK] and Japan) to the major Asian emergin...



A crise da globalização no capitalismo contemporâneo: uma análise sobre o ressurgimento do nacionalismo americano

RFC Bukowski - 2018 -

CONTEMPORÂNEO Uma análise sobre o ressurgimento do nacionalismo americano …



Fintechs no Brasil: um panorama do período pós crise de 2008 até a atualidade

RA Bazzanella - 2018 -

10 days ago -  … otimizados e/ou mais baratos. Vale lembrar que medidas regulatórias diferenciadas
para agentes menores não são novidade, já haviam sido implementadas para hedge funds e
fundos de private equity. No caso brasileiro, o Banco Central do Brasil aprovou em abril …


Stop the Presses! Or Wait, We Might Need Them: Firm Responses to Local Newspaper Closures and Layoffs

M Kim, D Stice, H Stice, RM White - Or Wait, We Might Need Them …, 2019 -

10 days ago - Page 1. Stop the Presses! Or Wait, We Might Need Them: Firm Responses
to Local Newspaper Closures and Layoffs Min Kim WP Carey School of Business Arizona
State University Derrald Stice Scho ol …


CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook

F Planning - Wiley Online Library

10 days ago - Page 1. CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook Page 2.
Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons is the oldest independent publish- ing company
in the United States. With offices in North America, Europe, Australia …


Pledge: A Private Ledger Based Decentralized Data Sharing Framework

R DokuD Rawat - 2019 Spring Simulation Conference …, 2019 -

10 days ago -  … A smart contract releases the funds when an agreement is reached.
(Craib, Bradway, Dunn, and Krug 2017) is a machine learning based competition platform
where privately secured financial data is used to predict hedge funds …


Measuring the liquidity impact on catastrophe bond spreads

Y Zhao, MT Yu - Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2019 - Elsevier

10 days ago -  … of diversification (Hood et al., 2013). The main investors of CAT bonds
are hedge funds, specialized catastrophe-oriented funds, mutual funds, life insurers,
reinsurers, and banks. Specialized catastrophe-oriented funds that …



[PDF] Examining the Influence of the Volcker Rule On Post-Crisis Credit Risk Management Conditions in the US Financial Institutions

C Li - 2019 -

11 days ago -  … which restricts FIs from engaging in proprietary trading and limits FIs' speculating
behaviors. Also, banks are not allowed to be involved with hedge funds or private equity firms.
In short, the Volcker Rule is aimed to prevent banks from participating into risky investment …



B MishraD Ramazzotti, G Gao - US Patent App. 16/180,502, 2019 -

11 days ago -  … The task of quantitative risk management can be to calculate the amount of equity
that has to be reserved so that the net equity may not drop to negative. (See, eg, Reference 8).
Depending on different financial agencies, hedge funds, banks or clearing houses, and …


Hedge funds, including fund of funds (“Hedge Funds”), are unregistered private investment partnerships, funds or pools that may invest and trade in many different markets, strategies and instruments (including securities, non-securities and derivatives) and are NOT subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds, including mutual fund requirements to provide certain periodic and standardized pricing and valuation information to investors. There are substantial risks in investing in Hedge Funds. Persons interested in investing in Hedge Funds should carefully note the following:

  • Hedge Funds represent speculative investments and involve a high degree of risk. An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his/her investment. Investors must have the financial ability, sophistication/experience and willingness to bear the risks of an investment in a Hedge Fund.

  • An investment in a Hedge Fund should be discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes.

  • An investment in a Hedge Fund is not suitable or desirable for all investors. Only qualified eligible investors may invest in Hedge Funds.

  • Hedge Fund offering documents are not reviewed or approved by federal or state regulators

  • Hedge Funds may be leveraged (including highly leveraged) and a Hedge Fund’s performance may be volatile

  • An investment in a Hedge Fund may be illiquid and there may be significant restrictions on transferring interests in a Hedge Fund. There is no secondary market for an investor’s investment in a Hedge Fund and none is expected to develop.

  • A Hedge Fund may have little or no operating history or performance and may use hypothetical or pro forma performance which may not reflect actual trading done by the manager or advisor and should be reviewed carefully. Investors should not place undue reliance on hypothetical or pro forma performance.

  • A Hedge Fund’s manager or advisor has total trading authority over the Hedge Fund.

  • A Hedge Fund may use a single advisor or employ a single strategy, which could mean a lack of diversification and higher risk.

  • A Hedge Fund (for example, a fund of funds) and its managers or advisors may rely on the trading expertise and experience of third-party managers or advisors, the identity of which may not be disclosed to investors

  • A Hedge Fund may involve a complex tax structure, which should be reviewed carefully.

  • A Hedge Fund may involve structures or strategies that may cause delays in important tax information being sent to investors.

  • A Hedge Fund may provide no transparency regarding its underlying investments (including sub-funds in a fund of funds structure) to investors. If this is the case, there will be no way for an investor to monitor the specific investments made by the Hedge Fund or, in a fund of funds structure, to know whether the sub-fund investments are consistent with the Hedge Fund’s investment strategy or risk levels.

  • A Hedge Fund may execute a substantial portion of trades on foreign exchanges or over-the-counter markets, which could mean higher risk.

  • A Hedge Fund’s fees and expenses-which may be substantial regardless of any positive return- will offset the Hedge Fund’s trading profits. In a fund of funds or similar structure, fees are generally charged at the fund as well as the sub-fund levels; therefore fees charged investors will be higher than those charged if the investor invested directly in the sub-fund(s).

  • Hedge Funds are not required to provide periodic pricing or valuation information to investors.

  • Hedge Funds and their managers/advisors may be subject to various conflicts of interest.

The above general summary is not a complete list of the risks and other important disclosures involved in investing in Hedge Funds and, with respect to any particular Hedge Fund, is subject to the more complete and specific disclosures contained in such Hedge Fund’s respective offering documents. Before making any investment, an investor should thoroughly review a Hedge Fund’s offering documents with the investor’s financial, legal and tax advisor to determine whether an investment in the Hedge Fund is suitable for the investor in light of the investor’s investment objectives, financial circumstances and tax situation.

All performance information is believed to be net of applicable fees unless otherwise specifically noted. No representation is made that any fund will or is likely to achieve its objectives or that any investor will or is likely to achieve results comparable to those shown or will make any profit at all or will be able to avoid incurring substantial losses. Past performance is not necessarily indicative, and is no guarantee, of future results.

The information on the Site is intended for informational, educational and research purposes only. Nothing on this Site is intended to be, nor should it be construed or used as, financial, legal, tax or investment advice, be an opinion of the appropriateness or suitability of an investment, or intended to be an offer, or the solicitation of any offer, to buy or sell any security or an endorsement or inducement to invest with any fund or fund manager. No such offer or solicitation may be made prior to the delivery of appropriate offering documents to qualified investors. Before making any investment, you should thoroughly review the particular fund’s confidential offering documents with your financial, legal and tax advisor and conduct such due diligence as you (and they) deem appropriate. We do not provide investment advice and no information or material on the Site is to be relied upon for the purpose of making investment or other decisions. Accordingly, we assume no responsibility or liability for any investment decisions or advice, treatment, or services rendered by any investor or any person or entity mentioned, featured on or linked to the Site.

The information on this Site is as of the date(s) indicated, is not a complete description of any fund, and is subject to the more complete disclosures and terms and conditions contained in a particular fund's offering documents, which may be obtained directly from the fund. Certain of the information, including investment returns, valuations, fund targets and strategies, has been supplied by the funds or their agents, and other third parties, and although believed to be reliable, has not been independently verified and its completeness and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. No warranty, express or implied, representation or guarantee is made as to the accuracy, validity, timeliness, completeness or suitability of this information.

Any indices and other financial benchmarks shown are provided for illustrative purposes only, are unmanaged, reflect reinvestment of income and dividends and do not reflect the impact of advisory fees. Investors cannot invest directly in an index. Comparisons to indexes have limitations because indexes have volatility and other material characteristics that may differ from a particular hedge fund. For example, a hedge fund may typically hold substantially fewer securities than are contained in an index. Indices also may contain securities or types of securities that are not comparable to those traded by a hedge fund. Therefore, a hedge fund’s performance may differ substantially from the performance of an index. Because of these differences, indexes should not be relied upon as an accurate measure of comparison.

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