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NFT Publications

Commercial applications of NFT.

A Cooper - Commercial applications of NFT., 1978 -

… until recently been concerned with research on NFT at the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute
… Cooper has since written a companion book entitled The ABC of NFT. Both publications …

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Analyzing the NFT mania: Is a JPG worth millions?

M Rae - SAGE Business Cases, 2021 -

… Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned off his first-ever tweet for charity as a non-fungible
token (NFT) for a sum of just under USD 3 million. The tweet, along with a record of …

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Nonlinear frequency division multiplexed transmissions based on NFT

Z Dong, S Hari, T GuiK Zhong… - IEEE Photonics …, 2015 -

… Since the theory of NFT is based on the integrability property of the lossless nonlinear …
Note that we have applied the NFT to the normalized NLS equation. An EDFA is placed after the …

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Visible-Light-Driven N−F−Codoped TiO2 Photocatalysts. 2. Optical Characterization, Photocatalysis, and Potential Application to Air Purification

D Li, H Haneda, S Hishita, N Ohashi - Chemistry of materials, 2005 - ACS Publications

… The UV−Vis spectra indicated that the NFT powders could absorb not only ultraviolet light …
of these NFT powders. As a result, we found that the photocatalytic activity of the NFT powder …

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Dual-polarization NFDM transmission using distributed Raman amplification and NFT-domain equalization

S GaiarinF Da Ros, N De Renzis… - IEEE Photonics …, 2018 -

… the NFT, … NFT is then used to recover the eigenvalues and the NFT coefficients b(λ[)i]. The
laser phase noise is compensated by applying blind phase search (BPS) directly on the NFT …

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[HTML] Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features

M NadiniL AlessandrettiF Di GiacintoM Martino… - Scientific reports, 2021 -

… the overall statistical properties of the NFT market and its evolution over time. Then, we study
the network of interactions between NFT traders, and the network of NFT assets. NFTs are …

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Visible-Light-Driven N−F−Codoped TiO2 Photocatalysts. 1. Synthesis by Spray Pyrolysis and Surface Characterization

D Li, H Haneda, S Hishita, N Ohashi - Chemistry of Materials, 2005 - ACS Publications

… The doped N and F concentrations in the NFT powders … NH 3 -TPD measurement indicates
that the surface of the NFT … for the formation of porous NFT powders, which we ascribed to the …

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Biologically treated wastewater for NFT plant production in space

A Begeer, A Jackson, A Morse - International Conference On …, 1998 -

… This research compared the nutrient content of the Biological Water Processor (BWP) effluent
at JSC with acceptable nutrient ranges for general hydroponic NFT-solutions. Evaluated …

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Early-onset Alzheimer's disease is associated with greater pathologic burden

GA Marshall, LA Fairbanks, S Tekin… - Journal of geriatric …, 2007 -

… In the current study, NP and NFT counts were … and NFT counts for early- and late-onset
groups was performed. A significant between-subject effect indicating greater overall NP and NFT …

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Implementation of real-time fuzzy logic control for NFT-based hydroponic system on Internet of Things environment

D YolandaH HindersahF Hadiatna… - 2016 6th International …, 2016 -

… the EC and pH condition of the NFT-based hydroponic system in Internet … in urban agriculture
with hydroponic NFT model. … The following design of hydroponic NFT system in this study. …

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