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Rankings, Risk Analytics and Stress Testing+ on over 550k Instruments.

No Obligation Ever.

The Hedge Fund Consistency Rankings  (HFCR) Ranks over 5,000 Hedge Funds according to Consistency. The HFCR is part of the Consistency Rankings  which
profiles and ranks over 100,000 alternative and traditional invesetments. Accredited investors can register for access to the profiles.

Updated to:


Top 20 Most Consistent Hedge Funds

* 42 Sectors for 1,3,5,7 and 10 yrs

Hedge Fund Profiles (5,000+)

Apr 2022

Apr 2022

* Track Records & Background

Developed by ABC Quant a leading provider of sophisticated investment analytics and investment ' management software solutions for many of the world's leading financial institutions, family offices and fund of funds representing 3T in AUM.


Identify the most consistent hedge funds on a risk adjusted basis.

The Hedge Fund Consistency Index ranks and profiles 5000 hedge funds according to consistency. Qualified, accredited investors can register for Free Access.


If you are an accredited investor, you are eligible to register.

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