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Deferred Sales Trust

Defer Capital Gains on the sale of Real Estate or Business

The Deferred Sales Trust (DST) ™ may be able to help you defer 100% of capital gains taxes on the sale of your business.


The Deferred Sales Trust can not only help sellers defer taxes on a sale but in many cases, it can provide the benefits of 1031 exchange without its limitations.

You are not for example compelled to reinvest in real estate or within 180 days.


Please see " A Way Out" below.


 In brief, the “Deferred Sales Trust (DST) enables the seller to:


  • Defer capital gains initially for 10 years and in perpetuity if desired from a sale of highly appreciated:

    • businesses

    • property,

    • collectibles,

    • private securities.

  • Earn income and/or growth from the sale on pre-taxed gains. The investments can be held at Schwab and are governed by a trustee, attorney.


 Safeguards / Record:


  • The tax attorney (and CPA), Todd Campbell / Campbell Law has transacted over 2,500 transactions valued at $2b+.

  • Over a 20-year period, only 13 audits occurred, and no negative outcomes or changes have resulted. However, Campbell Law will help a client in an audit at no cost.

  • Campbell Law works closely with your attorney and or accountant to ensure the transaction is done properly. Documents are first drafted, but no fee is incurred unless you and your counsel approve and decide to move ahead.


If you have any interest at all, it is important to avoid proceeding too far into the transaction and particularly to avoid the receipt of funds to qualify for the Deferred Sales Trust.


If this looks interesting, I recommend an introductory conference call with a Deferred Sales Trust Trustee /Attorney at your earliest convenience. Contact: Advisor, Gary Spitz, Telephone: 561-331-5415 or

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