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Block Chain Publications


[PDF] Blockchain challenges and opportunities: A survey

Z Zheng, S Xie, HN DaiX Chen… - International journal of web …, 2018 -

… And only a selected set of nodes are responsible for validating the block in consortium
blockchain. As for private chain, it is fully controlled by one organisation who could determine the …

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M Nofer, P GomberO HinzD Schiereck - Business & Information Systems …, 2017 - Springer

… the entire blockchain through to the first block (“genesis block”… changes of a block in the
chain would immediately change … in a block and on the validity of the block itself, the block can …

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[BOOK] Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy

M Swan - 2015 -

… Each coin is typically both a currency and a protocol, and it may have its own blockchain or
may run on the Bitcoin block‐chain. For example, the Litecoin currency runs on the Litecoin …

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A survey of blockchain from the perspectives of applications, challenges, and opportunities

AA MonratO SchelénK Andersson - IEEE Access, 2019 -

… Despite the emergence of such positive uses, the wider applications of block chain
technology are challenged by some misgivings over its close identification to bitcoins amongst …

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Blockchain technology: principles and applications

M Pilkington - Research handbook on digital transformations, 2016 -

… In spite of these important reservations, we believe that more blockchain applications will
emerge in the near future in areas as diverse as art, tourism and sports. While still in their …

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Blockchain technology in supply chain operations: Applications, challenges and research opportunities

P Dutta, TM Choi, S Somani, R Butala - Transportation research part e …, 2020 - Elsevier

… Each block in the blockchain has a hash number (256 bit), which is created with … block’s
hash which creates a secure and independent chain. Before adding blocks to the blockchain, …

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Do you need a blockchain?

K WüstA Gervais - … Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain …, 2018 -

… In the following Section, we outline several use cases where industrial efforts are advertising
to use blockchain technology, two of which – supply chain management and interbank …

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Blockchain technology and its relationships to sustainable supply chain management

S SaberiM KouhizadehJ Sarkis… - International Journal of …, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

… Four blockchain technology adoption barriers categories are … blockchain-led transformation
of business and supply chain … of blockchain technology for supply chain management. …

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[HTML] Where is current research on blockchain technology?—a systematic review

J Yli-Huumo, D Ko, S Choi, S Park, K Smolander - PloS one, 2016 -

… to the block chain, to ensure that the inputs for the transaction have not been spent previously
[9]. This makes latency a big issue in Blockchain currently. Making a block and confirming …

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[PDF] Blockchain

SS Gupta - IBM Onlone (http://www. IBM. COM), 2017 -

… Data obtained from … Data obtained from … Winner
writes the next block …

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