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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." -Darrell Royal

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Lansdowne Partners Fund Reopened Briefly in January
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Lansdowne Partners Ltd., one of London's largest hedge-fund managers, has reopened its flagship fund for the first time in five years, according to people familiar with the situation. More...

Hedge fund manager Barton Biggs joins the chorus of bulls
In the past week or so, a number of highly-respected investors -- including long-time bears -- have lined up to pronounce the recent stock market rally the real deal. More...

Schwab webcast to address its revised alternatives plan
Source: Reuters UK
Investors owning more than half the assets in Warren Lichtenstein's largest hedge fund have asked to pull out, resisting a push to convert the fund into a publicly traded partnership, the Wall Street Journal said on Sunday. More...

Hedgers aren’t hiding in the bushes, new ETF attests
For more proof that the hedge fund mystique continues, or at least is expected to continue, look no further than the IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF (QAI). More...

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Technical Analysis
Technical analysis refers to methods that aim to forecast prices of securities in financial markets using charts or quantitative techniques. There are many different methods utilized in technical analysis but they all rely on the same principles, namely that price patterns and price trends exist in the market that can be identified and exploited. More...
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Technical Analysis - Which Technical Indicators Are The Most Effective?
Source: Best Syndication
Most people who trade the forex markets use technical analysis to help them decide when to enter and exit positions. Indeed without this facility, many traders would be completely clueless. So which indicators are most effective, and which ones do the professional traders use?

Technical Analysis: S&P Hits Headwinds
It's been two weeks since we noted that stock indexes were facing major resistance here — and two weeks later, they're still struggling with this important zone.

The S&P (first chart below) has become choppy and overlapping as it hits 878 resistance. With bullish sentiment rising, it seems like a good place to look for a pause. 855-860 is first support, with 830, 815 and 804 below that. If the bulls can push higher with some force, the rally has room to 944.

  Scholarly Article & Related News
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities: An Exploration into Agency, Innovation, Information, and Learning in Financial Markets
by Timothy J. Riddiough & Risharng Chiang
This paper tracks a recent financial innovation, the commercial mortgage-backed security, through its early development in an attempt to better understand the dynamics of new product markets. Perhaps most importantly, we document a critical and central role of financial intermediaries in product market development. Instead of assuming a passive credit quality certification role, the rating agency actively controls security architecture and its instrumental in determining product design standards... More...
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Investors rediscover mortgage-backed securities
Investors have kept away from mortgage-backed securities since the collapse of the US sub-prime property market two years ago. But some observers believe they may be coming back into favour as investors spot opportunities created by the asset insurance programmes being used to bail out banks on both sides of the Atlantic.

Colombia's Titularizadora To Sell Mtge-Backed Bonds In May
Source: The Wall Street Journal
The Colombian mortgage securitization company, Titularizadora Colombiana, plans to sell mortgage-backed bonds in May, Laura Camargo, Titularizadora's spokeswomen, said Friday.

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  Book of the Day & Related News
Wine Investment for Portfolio Diversification
by Michael Broadbent (Foreword), Mahesh Kumar
Price: $29.70
Book Description
Financial wizard Mahesh Kumar shows how to guard against the inherent riskiness of the stock market while still reaping the benefits of a profitable portfolio in his new book Wine Investment for Portfolio Diversification: How Collecting Fine Wines Can Yield Greater Returns than Stocks and Bonds.

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Asset allocation strategies
Security markets are fickle things -- well behaved and independent in nature in times of economic prosperity, yet volatile and highly correlated during periods of financial crisis.

The past year is a reminder that complex diversification strategies can, at best, raise returns over the long term, but are of limited value in times of crisis.

Diversification still sound strategy

It’s one of the fundamental tenets of financial planning: Diversify your investments.

Or, as your mother would say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” More...


  Personal Interest

Sunset vigil marks Columbine's 10th anniversary
Source: The Associated Press
Hundreds attended a sunset candlelight vigil on Sunday to honor the 13 victims of the Columbine High School massacre on the eve of its 10th anniversary. More...

Suddenly Susan: Singer's Town Is Agog
Source: The Washington Post
Before fame came to town, before all the satellite trucks and fans that come with overnight stardom, Susan Boyle could walk her world in five minutes. More...


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   Top Stories (Continued)

Blame it on Madoff
Source: Business Spectator
Bernie Madoff, the pin-up boy of global Ponzi schemers, has a lot to answer for.

He is now being blamed for the sudden termination of the $870 million BT Global Return Fund, which froze redemptions in December. More...

Carlyle to stop using ‘finders’
Source: FT Alphaville
US buyout group Carlyle has decided to stop using placement agents to solicit money from public pension funds after the indictment of a New York state political figure to whom it paid $12m in finder’s fees. The policy change is the latest fallout from a probe by the SEC and New York’s attorney-general into alleged kickbacks paid to secure money from New York’s $105bn Common Retirement Fund. The case has involved several private equity and hedge fund managers and raised questions about the means they use to gain assignments from public pension funds. More..

Warren Lichtenstein's fund proposal resisted-WSJ
Source: Reuters UK
Investors owning more than half the assets in Warren Lichtenstein's largest hedge fund have asked to pull out, resisting a push to convert the fund into a publicly traded partnership, the Wall Street Journal said on Sunday. More...

Europe rushes to exit hedge funds
Source: FT Alphaville
Rich Europeans, who were the first to invest in hedge funds and comprised the majority of investors, have been the first to exit in the downturn, according to a study by the Bank of New York Mellon and research firm Casey Quirk. High net worth individuals last year accounted for 80% - or more than $500bn - of hedge fund redemptions, although they only held two-thirds of the assets. The outflows were disproportionately European, the study found. More...

Activist investor William Ackman likely to join General Growth Properties' board
Source: The Chicago Tribune
Activist investor William Ackman is expected to join the board of General Growth Properties Inc., the Chicago-based shopping mall operator that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Thursday, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Computer-Trading Models Meet Match
Source: The Wall Street Journal
The sudden swings in financial markets this year have wreaked havoc on trend followers, the group of investment funds that rely on computer models to dictate their trading. More...

India-origin Jagtiani among billionaires who love US dollar
Source: The Economic Times
In these times of economic turmoil the US dollar may not be the preferred currency, but still many billionaires, including the likes of India-origin Micky Jagtiani, are betting on the greenback. More...

Regulatory pressure exposing cracks in alternative investment solidarity
It was over two years ago that policy makers in some countries heaped scorn on the “locusts” behind hostile takeovers. Soon after, in a June 2007 report called “Where the House Always Wins: Private Equity, Hedge Funds and The New Casino Capitalism“, the International Trade Union Congress joined in the melee by launching a blistering attack on private equity funds:

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   Today's Humor

A Dutchman was explaining the red, white, and blue Netherlands flag to an American.

"Our flag is symbolic of our taxes. We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bills, and blue after we pay them."

The American nodded. "It's the same in the USA only we see stars, too!"


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